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How about writing one you never meant to write. Just like its full-sized counterpart, this is hands-down the best app you can use for planning, organizing, or constructing your manuscript. Let us know your thoughts down below in the comments. Some of the features include support for cloud storage, support for Microsoft Office documents, PDF export, footnotes and endnotes, support for spell checking in several languages, and more.

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It walks students through the steps to good writing and will have even the most reluctant of students writing in no time. You can get more features from something like Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

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Your readers will want to read more of your written work! And what do you think should be on this list? Text Expander allows you to create snippets of frequently used text to insert into your email.

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If you're tackling a major document, go for it. This writing tool brings back the original punch in your text. How does it work?

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There is also a progress log in case you want to see your writing consistency. I find it helpful for silly mistakes, tiresome little niggles, too many spaces and so on. However, it's really easy and fast to just jump in and start typing stuff. The app comes with a wide array of pre-drawn characters and props, and also includes a powerful creation tool so kids can turn their imaginations loose. Use these to distinguish your content from the rest and to make it award winning!. The app provides a creative writing prompt to get you started, then at preset intervals, it adds another prompt to keep you going. Apple alternative: A Novel Idea What is it? Find out more. Another area in which Text Expander shines is its ability to save email signatures. The kindly grandma of all writing apps. I wouldn't be without it. The biggest disadvantage for Evernote is that the table function could use a little more work. Simple, clean and yet powerful enough to get the job done, iWriter Pro gives you access to all of your iCloud and Dropbox documents so you can edit them at your leisure.

As a freelance writer, this is one of the best writing apps when if comes to finding work. Screenwriting is a whole new type of writing apart from a novel or article. However, those looking for a Word Processor they can use offline may want to use something else such as the MS Word App.

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