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Related Posts. The font can be freely used in both personal and commercial projects and you can easily modify the colors. They allow a moderate user to drastically improve their work, and I know that professionals can see massive workflow improvements. Liquid Animation Titles with Envato Elements This completely well- organized title animation opener is ideal for promoting just about anything. It includes a total of 7 unique full screen titles with cool and creatively animated effects. H Ikibo Customer at Videohive. Conclusion A great set of titles can spice up your videos and make them more interesting and engaging.

Use a premade After Effects Title template to speed up your video editing and creation process. With some adjustments, you can even add extra touches such as bevels or extrusion gradients. You may not have realized how many different possible shadow effects there are, but Mikey is sure to cover all of them here, whether they be 2D or 3D.

Text Shadows Like reflections, shadows can better ground your text in its environment. All thumbs up.

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There are multiple ways to create realistic reflections, but this combination of effects that Mikey put together is probably the most efficient, as it only requires one layer and updates as changes are made to the layer. Software developers should have a look at this how professional, flexible and solid Plugs and apps can be built.

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Paint on Animated Typeface with Envato Elements The Pain On animated typeface is a must-have if you want to add a unique look to your video. It works surprisingly well.

After Effects can be a bit overwhelming initially, and text is no exception. Animated Lettering Font with Envato Elements The Animated Lettering Font would be a great choice for a wedding video or a video that promotes a high-end fashion or jewelry company.

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So amazingly easy and fast to work with. Each character paints on with white, black and blue colors which can easily be customized to your brand colors. Kinetic Typography Fundamentals This is where things start to get fun.

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