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Determined, Schedoni vowed Ellena should be murdered that night.

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Schedonic, authority ensuring its containment. The Marchesa is only concerned that her son will find Ellena thereby undoing all she tried to prevent. A week later they join up with pilgrims and find themselves in the very mountain convent that Ellena is being kept in.

Schedoni is a monk of unknown relation and is a resident of the convent Santo Spirito.

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The protagonist, Vivaldi, falls in love and plans to marry Ellena, a young woman with a secret family history, against his family's wishes.

Vivaldi bribed a monk by the name of Brother Jeronimo to help them escape, but he was not to be trusted. Thus the text decidedly plunges into the mysteries of present day Italy and into the conventions of the Grand Tour with its peculiar modes of observation and evaluation.

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The lower order recognizes its need for the higher, as the guarantee of true freedom. In the chapel of the Benedictine convent Vivaldi and Ellena are about to be married. London and New York: Routledge. Now she fears she will never see her Vivaldi again. A short while after being locked up Spalatro takes her for a walk on the beach. A week later they join up with pilgrims and find themselves in the very mountain convent that Ellena is being kept in. Deprived of all religious meaning, this rite stands as pure sensual spectacle, visual and aural enjoyment at the same time.

Radcliffe, Ann [], Moreover, tensions and exchanges between positions of dominance as present in the interplay of glances between Vivaldi and Schedoni prevent the text from simply being a rewriting of the prologue.

Vivaldi and Paulo are taken to Rome where Vivaldi has a short hearing before the Inquisitor.

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Gothic landscape has been considered as a backdrop made up of repetitive, stereotypical, usually, ruined fragments-castles, abbeys, grottos, woods, rocks, mountains, etc. Vivaldi is released from prison, and when the Marchese offers Paulo his freedom as a reward for his services to Vivaldi, Paulo refuses, choosing instead to continue serving Vivaldi. The two lovers are separated and carried off in two different directions. Aesthetic appreciation and perception precede economic and practical considerations, and acting as guide Vivaldi indicates the beauties of the landscape to Ellena. It will degrade his family to marry Ellena. Ellena and Vivaldi resolve that it is best for her to seek sanctuary in the nearby convent of Santa Maria della Pieta for the time being. When Spalatro objects to killing Ellena, Schedoni plans to commit the deed but is prevented by recognizing Ellena as his daughter.

Back at the convent, Ellena distinguishes a voice all too familiar, and sees her dearly loved Sister Olivia in the convent courtyard. For example, he senses the storm that is going to break over the Apulian coast: '"The evening is closing fast,' continued Ellena, 'and I shall be overtaken by the storm.

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The Italian, or, the Confessional of the Black Penitents Summary & Study Guide