Al ghazali deliverance from error essay writer

al ghazali deliverance from error essay writer

Well, perhaps, there is above reason another judge who, if he appeared, would convict reason of falsehood, just as reason has confuted us. In the same way, a man blind from birth, who knows neither by experience nor by information what colors and forms are, neither knows nor understands them when some one speaks of them to him for the first time.

How many of such men gone astray I have met whose sole argument was that just mentioned. The mausoleum was discovered in the 's after being lost for many centuries and remains neglected. To prove the possibility of inspiration is to prove that it belongs to a category of branches of knowledge which can not be attained by reason.

Honey does not become impure because it may happen to have been placed in the glass which the surgeon uses for cupping purposes.

If we adopt this method and reject every truth which has chanced to have been proclaimed by an impostor, how many truths we should have to reject!

al ghazali deliverance from error summary

Such is the path we must traverse in order to realize the truth of inspiration.

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