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If I did do something, it could be seen as selfishness or envy towards the higher ranking and well connected cadet officer, making either choice a possible disaster. Both are held frequently throughout the year, usually in the afternoon.

Air Force. Step 5: Physical fitness All Cadets are required to take a physical fitness test. Also, from what I have learned from Academy alumni, I will value most the combination of education, military training, sports, and sleep. This means that you will need to submit information to both, as they do not share information or documents back and forth.

Leadership is also highly valued by the admissions committee, so taking on an officer or team captain role will both impress USAFA in your application and prepare you for the leadership challenges you will face as a Cadet and later as an officer in the Air Force.

As the offense was public, if I did nothing, it would be an obvious dereliction of duty.

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Applicants can list all activities athletic and non-athleticcommunity service, and work that they completed in grades

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How to Get Accepted to the US Air Force Academy [Updated ]