A biography of federico garcia lorca one of spains greatest modern poets

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His murder is often considered a tragically ironic ending for an author who so frequently wrote about death. Flowers are laid at the memorial every year on the anniversary of his death, and a commemorative event including music and readings of the poet's works is held every year in the park to mark the anniversary.

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Morris, C. They never found me. Colecchia, Francesca, ed.

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At age 10 he moved with his family to Granada, where he attended a private, secular institute in addition to a Catholic public school. Shaw transforms an ancient myth into a modern story about a professor who turns a Cockney flower girl into a proper society lady. He wrote: "The gypsies are a theme. You've seen what they've done with Paquito! Besides, this gypsyism gives me the appearance of an uncultured, ignorant and primitive poet that you know very well I'm not. The Barranco de Viznar is the site of mass graves and has been proposed as another possible location of the poet's remains. Early years The eldest of four children born to a wealthy landowner and his schoolteacher wife, Lorca grew up in rural Andalusia , surrounded by images and social conditions that influenced his work lifelong. In contrast to Blood Wedding and the similar follow-up Yerma, which are generally considered expressionistic and abstract, The House of Bernarda Alba is intensely realistic. These brought on an increasing depression, a situation exacerbated by his anguish over his homosexuality. Cavanaugh, Cecelia J. He wasn't able to walk until the age of 4 as he was weak from illness. What the devil!

Those faded eyes of a broken artist, how they watch the afternoon in dismay! I could just as well be a poet of sewing needles or hydraulic landscapes. Allen, Rupert C. An extended stay in New York and Cuba produced a book of surrealistic verse, "Poet in New York", in which Lorca expressed his horror at the harshness and materialism of American life in the 's.

In the early s Lorca helped inaugurate a second Golden Age of the Spanish theatre. As a poet, his early reputation rested on the Romancero gitano Madrid, ; tr. It is the hour to depart: leave the dry path and your meditations. They never found me?

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Federico Garcia Lorca