3 steps of protein synthesis

This internal segment is termed an intervening protein sequence, or IVPS. This genetic code lies in the particular sequence of nucleotides that make up each gene along the DNA molecule.

where does the first step of protein synthesis occur

There are several different types of RNA, each having different functions in the cell. These sequences are joined together to form a protein. Therefore, a gene, which is composed of multiple triplets in a unique sequence, provides the code to build an entire protein, with multiple amino acids in the proper sequence Figure 1.

A triplet is a section of three DNA bases in a row that codes for a specific amino acid. The remaining exons are pasted together.

what is protein synthesis

Similar to the way in which the three-letter code d-o-g signals the image of a dog, the three-letter DNA base code signals the use of a particular amino acid.

This leads to the termination of protein synthesis and to the subsequent release more Consequently, very few protein copies that carry many extraneous amino acids resulting from translation beyond the natural stop codon are produced.

Transcription begins in a fashion somewhat like DNA replication, in that a region of DNA unwinds and the two strands separate, however, only that small portion of the DNA will be split apart.

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Figure depicts protein splicing in schematic form.

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Protein synthesis